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Julie McCammon is a physiotherapist and expert level practitioner of the John F Barnes approach to Myofascial Release (MFR). She is currently based in Northern Ireland and runs her own private practice and holistic healing space, The Garden Room. Here she assists her clients in their quest to resolve pain and optimise their health. 


Her first book Finding Mystery Within is a self-published memoir which evolved from over three decades of a career in healing, and the journey it took her on in re-discovering the self-worth she lost as a child. She beautifully blends her own unique experiences with an intimate grasp of bodywork and invites us to transform our pain into passion. It quietly shouts with authentic wisdom as it describes the vivid sense of coming home to your own body.

'You sense she is writing herself into freedom as her story unfolds.'


Julie is a wife and mother of two adult children, and continues to support them and others in their pursuits of self-discovery, authenticity and growth. You can keep up to date with her work on Instagram and Facebook.

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