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Have you ignored your body for far too long?

Do you want to learn how to listen when your body talks?

Do you want to build a relationship with your body that will unlock the cycle of pain and fatigue that you are stuck in?


If the answer is “Yes”, perhaps it’s time to take a DEEP DIVE.


Why not create a pivot point in your life by taking 2 days out of your busy schedule to invest in your body, the vessel that carries you through life? This experience will offer you the opportunity to make a substantial shift in releasing your pain and realigning your body.


We will combine Myofascial Release (MFR) Treatments with mindfulness exercises, Self-MFR Therapy, journalling and Body Mapping as I guide you on a journey you will not regret.


You will learn how to listen to your body when it whispers, so you don’t have to hear it scream.


Profound core shifts can happen with reduced stress and enhanced wellbeing.

Self-care tools will be provided to take home, that will change your life.


This programme will introduce more calm, balance and purpose as you progress on your healing journey.

Day 1


9:30 Arrival and Welcome.


10:00 Initial Assessment and Treatment(1.)


11:00 Coffee Break.


11:30 Body Mapping.


12:30 - 2:00 Lunch/Rest.


2:00 Treatment Session(2.)


3:00 Coffee Break.


3:30 Self-treatment Class with Tools.


5:00 Finish.

Day 2


9:30 Arrival/Questions.


10:00 Treatment Session(3.)


11:00 Coffee Break.


11:30 Self-Treatment Class with Tools.


12:30-1:30 Lunch/Rest.


1:30-2:30 Final Treatment Session(4.)

2:30-3:30 MFR Integration Coaching Session


3:30 Coffee Break.


4:00 Embodiment Session / Journaling.


5:00 Finish.




Foam Roller


Soft MFR Ball


Copy of Finding Mystery Within


This will all be included in this package for you to take with you to continue your healing journey.


 Application available on request at or for more information call 07764634061

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