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Free To Soar

My sacred life is a journey

To find the soul beneath

Beneath all the roles life has put on me

Unearthing beauty

Allowing myself to come alive

Always changing

Trusting in the unseen wisdom

Pressing through my own skin

Imagining my knowing into being

Having the courage to do what is being born from me

Rather than what is imposed, expected

Breaking free from the “should” cage

Removing the weight from my wings so I can fly

A new order of things being born inside

Creating a new blueprint

With room to grow

While still belonging

Stepping, evolving into my journey of becoming

Becoming held and free

Free to soar

By Julie McCammon

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1 Comment

Jun 23, 2021

Exquisite. I resonate with your words so much! Can't wait to have your book in my hands. Blessings, Julie!

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