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The year 2022 was apocalyptic. Out of the blue, the veil was lifted on a truth that had been hidden in the dark for ten years.

This revelation was followed by an intense feeling of betrayal, accompanied by grief and sadness. I hold this grief and acknowledge it, not denying it but praying life will pull me forward, helping me to transform the experience rather than becoming stuck in my story.

The energy of an apocalypse is like a forest fire, causing devastation followed by regeneration. I trust regeneration. In the nakedness of truth, my labour pains will birth divine wisdom.

I see the light as I trust the process and hold my centre.

In 2023, I find myself carried by the current of a river that I don't have to fight or swim against, washing away all that is no longer necessary, smoothing over sharp edges while accepting my mistakes and grievances.

Will this river carry me further down the stream of transformation than I had planned to go?

Trusting once the tears have passed, I will see myself as I haven't before, with a little more lightness, grace and fluidity, the real me, standing in the river, full of potential, with nothing to hide.

I go with the flow, despite the turbulence. I look for beauty on this journey. Holding back my judgment, knowing some of our greatest gifts come from something unpleasant. Like hidden diamonds in the rough, I find myself willing to drop into the discomfort to find whatever wants to be revealed as I continue to walk through my apocalypse. After all, precious stones and gems develop slowly in the earth amid pressure and darkness.

I’ve been asking myself if I was somehow stuck in my evolution of consciousness until the light was shown on this betrayal?... I've certainly been aware at different times in my life when something ‘bad’ has happened, which has allowed my consciousness to move in a better direction; ultimately causing me to feel better aligned with my power and my wisdom. Perhaps my growth and regeneration following this apocalypse are allowing me to become more in touch with the divine in me and to feel harmony with my soul.

I evolve.

I look for the beauty in others, in myself and in everything I experience.

Here lies the mystical key to love.

I long to touch the true gem within.

I keep digging in the hope of finding my gem, my destiny, my true nature.

I am a pilgrim whose heart belongs in motion.

Where there is motion, there is freedom, expansion and growth.

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This is deep, Julie, and I see my own experience reflected here. How great is the Love that carries us through darkness to the other side!

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