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Breaking Old Patterns

Healing begins when we grasp how to come out of our heads and into our bodies. Coming away from our thoughts and thinking and instead sink into feeling - into the sensation of what is unfolding in our bodies. This is where true healing begins!

One of the biggest challenges during healing is often what happens once you start going inwards.

This is where there are moments of profound release, where your body will reveal the emotions that have accumulated from the past. And if you learn to trust the wisdom and mystery within, you can allow these emotions to surface, so that your body can be relieved of the weight you once carried.

This process of truly knowing yourself; discovering who you are under all the layers of armour, is not always smooth. Sometimes symptoms may increase for a day or two as things adjust and those memories that were once consciously or unconsciously suppressed find space to rise to the surface.

Up until now, we have perhaps spent most of our lives suppressing our emotions, pushing them down deep inside.

So obviously strong emotions will accumulate, leaving an imprint on the fascia of our bodies. Causing the fascia to become solidified, which in turn results in huge compressive forces through our organs, joints and pain sensitive structures. Wreaking havoc in our bodies and affecting how they function.

If we choose a healing path, it will help to soften, rehydrate and release these restrictions as we learn to let go and break our old patterns.

You will discover your patterns of bracing that cause you to struggle. Patterns of defence, patterns of fight or flight, as you remain stuck in a cycle of running away from your truth.

When you use your intention to stop living from a place of survival you get to take your power back from those habits that used to control your body.

These old defense tactics are usually driven by fear. Instead choose to live beyond survival, fully present, where your well-being can excel to new levels.

Each time you feel these old familiar patterns of bracing, know you have a choice. A new opportunity to let go, rather than brace. For with awareness comes choice. You will come to learn that these old bracing patterns haven't worked in the past and have actually contributed to your pain and disease.

You will know you are on the path to healing once you are aware of what is happening in your body and you start to choose to let go rather than brace.

You will notice as you continue this deep work of releasing, that you will become lighter and lighter as your transformation continues and your body begins to flow in the direction of ease.

Using this newfound “present moment awareness”, will help you thrive.

You will grow to understand the malleability of your body, it will bring courage, so you can start taking back your power to heal.


Have you felt a difference in your body since your healing journey began?

Where do you brace in your body when you're anxious or fearful?

What new habit would you like to develop that might replace this old pattern of bracing?

What do you want your body to feel like a year from now?

What would you love to be able to do, out in nature?

( Take time here to visualise and describe in great detail where you are and what you would love to be able to do.)

Illustration by Lara Czornyj

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