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Love Letters From Our Soul!

I recently heard our bodies described as souls in motion.

And if you’ve known me for long, you’ll have heard me talk about the importance of listening to your body whisper, before it has to scream to get your attention.

So today I’d love to talk about being aware that our pain or symptoms are really beautiful whispers of wisdom that are trying to tell us we are innocently going the wrong way.

Symptoms are Love Letters from our soul, that are begging us to stop and listen, to bring awareness away from our thoughts and thinking and into our body.

I know from personal experience that when I feel pain or symptoms arise in my body, I tend to get caught up in my thoughts and thinking. Worrying if I will have to stop work?

Will I need surgery?

Will I be able to fix myself?

As I do so, I get to live in the feeling of my thoughts, and believe me it's not a peaceful place to be!

Thoughts come and go, passing by like clouds in the sky if we let them!

However when we INNOCENTLY grab hold of anxious thoughts and give them our attention, one of three things will happen.

  1. Our anxiety levels go up.

  2. Our mood goes down.

  3. Our body starts hurting somewhere.

It simply depends on our genetics which one we will experience the most.

Each and every feeling we experience is created from our thinking. For example, if we have a sad thought we have a sad feeling, if we have a happy thought we have a happy feeling. Every thought that is created within us, we will feel.

The severity of what we are feeling comes from believing our thoughts are true.

“Every cell in your body is eavesdropping on your thoughts”

Dr. Bruce Lipton

So this means that every “thought” we pay attention to effects every cell in our body! Up until recently I actually believed that every “thought” I had was true… But now I am realising that none of my thoughts are true! They are in fact just that, a THOUGHT.

We tend to see pain as the problem, trying to fix it, obsessing about it. Causing us to get stuck in a cycle of actually perpetuating the pain. The more we think about it, the more we get pulled into a made-up story with disastrous possibilities, diagnoses, diseases. If we choose to believe these stories, they become woven into our fascia, causing our bodies to tense and brace. The body becomes rigid, constricted and the fascia becomes solidified causing us to experience even more pain as the stress response is triggered in our body.

We become fixated on the pain as a marker of pathology, rather than our body giving us an alarm, a warning, that we are not living a life filled with peace of mind. This peace of mind is available once we recognise the role our thinking plays in our life moment to moment.

So the next time you become aware of pain, remember it can actually be a loving gesture, giving you the opportunity to stop and listen, to re-examine your thinking, to soften and let go of the tension or bracing you can feel in your body. With awareness comes choice not only in our body but also in our mind.

If we choose to listen to our worrying, anxious or fearful thoughts, we give our peace away. In this state of mind, our body's wisdom is limited.

But each of us has innate health inside of us, it just gets covered over and held captive by all those layers of thinking, causing us to forget it actually exists as our body screams out, trying yet again to get our attention.

When our mind is quiet enough, healing will occur. Healing will happen when we let go of those thoughts, allowing us to harness the wisdom of our body as it calls us home into presence and peace.

Remembering that our experience of life happens from the inside out, meaning it's not the outside factors that create our experience, but instead its our thinking that creates how we experience life.

So don’t forget that pain can be an invitation to stop and be silent so we can see the “thoughts” we have attached to that are not true.

Then it's simply a case of letting go of those thoughts, instead of trying to think our way out of the pain.

Healing doesn’t lie at the end of our thoughts !

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